Friday, November 9, 2012

Major Mod Minimum Effort

This week LLTeK customer Eric (who's currently pursuing studies in journalism) stopped by to drop a quantum grille into his Audi A3 sportback. With an extra set of hands and a set of ramps, this project could be accomplished in your driveway no problemo; you could even do-it-yourself solo if your a rugged determined (with a capital D) type of  individual. We're recommending the way Eric went at it, that is, putting it in the hands of a competent installer who has all the bells and whistles like pneumatic tools and a lift.

The Baron (LLTeK's chief mechanic / r&d / german car guru) got through this with a couple of wrinkles but said all-told this car should be in and out in 90 minutes. That's a half-hour for the bumper off, a half-hour grille install, and a half-hour for the bumper back on. The image below is the project 10 minutes after. Ring that bell.