Tuesday, April 9, 2013

4 Rings plus Pepper Potts

The third Iron Man movie opens on the big screen in just a few weeks. Can't wait. Can't wait. Imagine Tony Stark says, "Jarvis, ask Ms.Potts if she can meet me in the pool this evening (yes, the one that overlooks the Pacific) and could you see that there's a tray of refreshments - say a pitcher of vodka and V8 on the side?"

If you close your eyes & let your imagination off the leash, you'll be able to see Gwyneth Paltrow (pictured fully clothed at left) just a few minutes later as she goes coastal in a brand new Audi A7 on her way to the mansion. If you like Audis (and who doesn't),  that's gotta be just as good as seeing Robert whats-his-name in an R8.

Hey wake up! and don't hold your breath waiting for the pool scene either - cause it's just not going to happen. Characters like Pepper Potts do not show up on You Tube whoo-wooing after the pitcher of vodka is done. But the A7 is real and the R8 is back again also. The real rumor is that Pepper Potts ends up taking it for a spin - not the R8 - the Iron Man suit. Oh Yeah! Can't Wait.

btw - we're waiting on our first german bodykits for the Audi A7 /S7 and will post them up here when it happens; in the meantime we are offering two tuning devices for the A7 from german engineers - an audi air suspension lowering device and a DIY plug 'n play chip tuner which is just about as hot as Pepper Potts..  

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