Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Chuck You, Farley - Take it to the Track!

No Place for Racing on Public Roads - verboten - nyet - you will be sanctioned. And try not to do this at the track.

Just got  back from 7 days in b-b-q land, reading, and the lake. Life is good. Hardly moved for a week except for when "she who must be obeyed" (h/t maggie's farm) wanted something. On the way back home, which starts out on dirt/gravel and ends up 4 lanes in both directions - driving conditions were ideal - dry, sunny and hardly enough traffic to get your shorts in a knot. But I saw him coming!

A '96 Golf sitting low on white hand-painted rims with way-too-big spacers (so that the rear wheels were splayed) came screaming up the merge and cut across every lane I could see in the rearview, cut across again in front of the car in front of me ( it wasn't so bad - I already had the foot off the gas and hovering on the binders) and then mr. i'm-so-impressive stitched over to the passing lane scaring the bejessus out of everyone in sight.

This happens all the time and some things never change - particularly with young men who have more testosterone than brains. So what? Real drivers take it to the track.
Take it easy now, enjoy your roadtrips, and the rest of summer - I'm going back to work .

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