Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tool Helps Buy Used Audi Cars

Would You Buy a Used Car from...

Not many used car purchase decisions are this easy

Buying or selling for yourself can be a bumpy road. If you're selling your car, the only really important rule to state here is: DO NOT SELL YOUR CAR TO A RELATIVE - EVER - NOT EVEN A DISTANT RELATIVE.  NOT even if the car is a winter beater that you're gonna take a loss on because your sister's husband's nephew needed transport and you wanted to do him a favor - forget it.  If you're foolish enough to be reminded (for the rest of your life) about the piece of cr@p little Jimmy forgot to put oil in, you deserve whatever you get.

Give the car away! and then only with six pages of disclaimers in dense legalese because it may be the only way you won't suffer recriminating looks at all future family gatherings.

If you are buying a car and you want to put in the time to save some cash - a private sale is the only way to go. Decide what vehicle you want with the budget you have and check the listings every day. Your car will come up sooner or later and all your efforts will be made worthwhile. Ideally, you will be purchasing the car from an older couple who live in a nice burb  and who will soon be moving to Arizona. Do not let your enthusiasm for that 2 year old Audi A3 at an incredible price get the better of you. EVER! CHECK OUT THE HISTORY OF THAT CAR!

Now it's easier than ever to run a history on a car. We don't know anybody in this company; we're not being compensated in any way for mentioning this company - but what a great tool when you're kicking some tires and you know that if you don't close the deal - somebody may pull up and scoop that little bundle of road joy right out from under you.

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